Hatching An Eggplant

eggplantIt is a thing of beauty, is it not? My very first organic, homegrown eggplant. Behold the shape, the shine, the wonderful deep purple color. But…how did it get here? One thing I’ve realized through the experience of tending my first garden is that I have little to no clue what the plants my favorite vegetables grow on actually look like. I’m not alone. Neighbors and passersby routinely ask me what the plants in my garden are. Most of said plants are common varieties of common foods: Lettuces, zucchini, broccoli, and the like.

Getting acquainted with not only the whole food but the whole plant has been an eye-opening, fun, beautiful, and sometimes amazing experience. From the incredible size that a cucumber or tomato vine can grow to, to the beautiful blossoms that herald zucchini and the pretty flowers that transform into peppers, there’s a lot more to a vegetable than what you see in the produce section of the supermarket.

Here are a few photos of the growth process of an eggplant, happening now in my front yarden. I hope you find it as lovely and fascinating as I do.

an eggplant plantThe whole plant. Now I know what an eggplant leaf looks like.

eggplant buds

Taking a closer look, I found eggplant buds. Careful – they’re spiky, and those thorns are sharp.

eggplant flower and budA pretty eggplant flower, working its magic. Note the bud to its left.

baby eggplantFinally, a baby. Will it grow up to become eggplant rollatini, baba ganoush, or some version of miso-glazed eggplant? Anyway you slice it, it’s sure to be good.

3 thoughts on “Hatching An Eggplant

  1. If it grows up to be Baba Ganoush, it will have had a wonderful, fulfilling, successful life. Baba’s probably the #2 career path for an eggplant, right behind Wizard.

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